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Wohnort des Spezialisten: Deutschland, 04435

Softwareentwickler: C++, Python, Qt, OpenGL, Fortran, Delphi, Qt Creator, OpenGL, CUDA

Herr I. M. geboren 1983

Freiberuflicher C++ Softwareentwickler

Softwareentwicklung, HMI, VSTO

C++, Python, Qt, OpenGL, Fortran, Delphi

Qt Creator, OpenGL, CUDA

High-Tech- und Elektroindustrie, Finanzdienstleister, IT & Entwicklung

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Kunde anonym, Halle (Saale)
Softwareentwickler (freiberuflich) (1 Jahr, 1 Monat)
Branche: High-Tech- und Elektroindustrie
For an ultrasonic sensor manufacturer, designed and implemented a flow
sensor monitoring, configuration and management application, built and
delivered from inception to completion. It required the development of a range
of custom components, from low level communication libraries, to GPU based
UI elements for visualization. Some concepts were partially ported from an
older Delphi application.
Eingesetzte Qualifikationen
C++, Delphi, OpenGL, Python, Qt, Embedded Software Engineering

Kunde anonym, London
Softwareentwickler (freiberuflich) (1 Jahr, 5 Monate)
Branche: Finanzdienstleister
For a Hedge Fund, designed and implemented a novel plugin component for
their proprietary trading software, used for the visualization of the decision
mechanisms of certain algorithmic traders.
Eingesetzte Qualifikationen
C++, OpenGL, Python, Qt

Kunde anonym, London
Consultant und Projektleiter (freiberuflich) (2 Jahre, 4 Monate)
Branche: Finanzdienstleister
Tätigkeitsbeschreibung: Provided consultation services to a major bank in London, on a freelance basis.
Primary line of work was the assessment of internal software tools, as well as
the development of certain software tools and libraries for internal use. The
project involved 4 full time developers under my lead.
Eingesetzte Qualifikationen Projektleitung / Teamleitung (IT), C++, Fortran, MATLAB / Simulink, Prolog,
Python, Technische Projektleitung / Teamleitung

Kunde anonym, London
Softwareentwickler (freiberuflich) (8 Monate)
Branche: Finanzdienstleister
Implemented APIs and libraries which were integrated in the customer's
internal infrastructure. The functionality provided was the analysis and
evaluation of trading scripts for performance and errors. A native application
for static analysis but similar concepts was developed as well.
Eingesetzte Qualifikationen
C++, Python, Qt

QNX Software Systems (subsidiary of Blackberry), München
Senior Software Developer (3 Jahre, 2 Monate)
Branche: High-Tech- und Elektroindustrie
Analysis and development on automotive customer requests. The focus was
primarily on graphics drivers, OpenGLES/GLSL usage, OS internals, or usage of
QNX system libraries on customer code.
Eingesetzte Qualifikationen
C++, Eclipse, Embedded Software Engineering

Intel GmbH, München
Customer Enabling Engineer for Graphics (8 Monate)
Branche: High-Tech- und Elektroindustrie
Worked on the implementation of KMS (Kernel Mode Setting) for Intel’s
Embedded Media Graphics Driver. Implemented a video processing benchmark
application for the assessment of OpenCL performance.
Eingesetzte Qualifikationen
Linux (Kernel), C++, OpenGL

Mental Images GmbH (subsidiary of NVIDIA), Berlin
Softwareentwickler (3 Jahre)
High-Tech- und Elektroindustrie
Development and maintenance of the company’s OpenGL rendering
technologies. Some of the work involved the refactoring and introduction of
new features in the OpenGL renderer of Reality Server. Also developed a
preview mode for the iray renderer, implemented a GPU resource manager and
an OpenGL API wrapper.
Eingesetzte Qualifikationen
C++, OpenGL

Digital Medics GmbH, Dortmund
Softwareentwickler (9 Monate)
Branche: IT & Entwicklung
Involved in the development of VivoLab, a diagnostic tool for radiologists.
Among others, implemented a sketch-based animated user interface, aimed to
be used with Wacom's active matrix tablets.
Eingesetzte Qualifikationen
C++, OpenGL, Qt

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